WCHS control room, Butch McClung

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Re: WCHS control room, Butch McClung

Post by Scott Reppert » Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:20 pm

It's a "ghost town" because it 's like radio: it's not FUN anymore. Disable the ability to link videos and the only thing that was keeping the joint alive was disabled. Video was making the radio star until the radio stars killed the video. I used to check in here FIRST thing in the morning and msybe 5-6 times a day (at least) thereafter. Now it's once every two weeks or so, if that...
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Re: WCHS control room, Butch McClung

Post by djMatty » Sat Mar 29, 2014 3:18 pm

Ace Purple wrote:
This is not to say that FM radio is not viable -- there are still some great stations on the air, both locally and across the country. But the tight playlists that allow stations to appeal to as wide of a reach as possible within a given target demo are less likely to inspire message board rants because of the sheer volume of options that are out there now, as least in my estimation.
Besides most of those who troll message boards to rant about the biggest corporate move or purchase or mass formatting of the same stations airing the same programming had to I guess get tired of repeating their rant over and over.. I seen that with other message boards .. I guess they just got tired of repeating themselves. But as you said the options are pretty much endless now for content and various ways to consume it.

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