Clear Channel cleans out again at WWVA

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And none of the forum admins can hear WKKX... and at no point has politics ever been discussed in relation to WKKX. And WHAT RATINGS?!?!?! Wheeling has been embargoed forever!

But then again, after 750 years of American Independence... we, as Americans, are still going to have issues from time to time.
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That just goes to show how idiotic Wikipedia is...I've never taken them seriously since you can go in and edit postings.... (Looky now at the controversy section 8) )

If this board had an extreme political tilt either way, then I would not be here.

Now it's back to my Amber Bock :)
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Man... Those Wheeling nut-jobs take this station way too seriously.
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That whole entry looks like it's been written by some naive fanboy.
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