Hot 99.5 pays Bobby Brown's Child Support

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Bob Loblaw
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Post by Bob Loblaw » Fri Mar 02, 2007 2:21 pm

Bobby Brown questions deal with radio station

Singer was reportedly bailed out of jail in exchange for future work
Access Hollywood

Updated: 1:39 p.m. ET March 2, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A radio station claiming they sprung Bobby Brown from jail this week may have had their deal to feature the singer on their morning program squashed after he hung up on them.

Hot 99.5 told Access Hollywood they posted $19,150 in late child support and court fees for Brown on Wednesday night. In an on-air interview with host Kane earlier today, Brown claimed however, they were not responsible for his freedom.

"You paid me some chips to be on your radio station. That's how it was," Brown told Kane.

"We didn't pay to get you on the radio station we paid to get you out of jail," the DJ responded.

Brown stated he was already out of jail when the station paid the funds. The morning show DJ then cornered the former New Edition singer over the deal.

"So you snowed us through your attorney? You went ahead and you lied to us," he asked.

Kane said Brown's attorney Phaedra Parks informed the station he was still in jail when they brokered a deal. After being pressed on the matter, Brown finally confirmed the station was responsible for getting him out of jail Wednesday night.

Brown said he planned to fly to Los Angeles this weekend to spend it with one of his children — Bobbi Kristina, his daughter with Whitney Houston, who is turning 14. "I'm going there to have a celebration there with her for her birthday."

When discussions turned to Brown's expected arrival in D.C., the singer appeared to throw into question his future role at Hot 99.5.

"While you're in town next week you're gonna be a staff member of this here radio show and this here radio station," Kane said to Bobby.

"We're gonna talk when I get there. I like it better when I see people and we can interject," Brown replied.

Growing concerned, Kane then questioned Bobby on their agreement.

"I thought we agreed — and our agreement was in writing, that you're gonna come and you're gonna be an employee of this radio station," he claimed.

"No, that wasn't our agreement," Brown answered.

Kane suggested they hash out the matter on air when Brown hung up, leaving it open.

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Post by soccerguy » Fri Mar 02, 2007 5:22 pm

From Hot's website.....

HOT 99.5 rescinds the Bobby Brown offer!
Friday 03-02-2007 3:00pm

Hot 99.5 and Kane, Morning Show Host weekdays from 5:30am to 10am, have decided to rescind the offer made to Bobby Brown and agreed upon as of Thursday, March 1, 2007.

Hot 99.5 and Bobby Brown's Attorney have mutually decided that this wasn't in their best interest and Bobby's attorney has agreed to return the money to Hot 99.5.

"We thought we clearly communicated to Bobby our intentions, but once we had him on the air this morning it was clear that we were not on the same page," said Kane. "At this point, we feel that there are better things we can do with the money locally and we'll use this weekend to figure out how we'd like to use the money. We'll take suggestions from listeners on Monday."

OMG! All this publicity, all this talk, AND HOT IS GETTING THE MONEY BACK?

(standing up and applauding loudly)


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Post by AmpedNow » Fri Mar 02, 2007 6:56 pm

Hot 99.5 wrote:...we'll use this weekend to figure out how we'd like to use the money.
Hell, I'll take it off your hands if it's that big of a problem...


Seriously, this was still a big PR win for the station.

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Post by Lester » Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:28 pm

*HUGE* PR win for the station, and Bobby Brown still looks like a douche.


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