Don't make the TV station sales chick mad....

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Don't make the TV station sales chick mad....

Post by cgarison » Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:57 am

Here is an interesting story from the land where local news is more like prime time soap opera.....

CBS3 sued by Main Line Realtor over dead-animal video ... hoCBmcs.99
ANDREA STRAUB, the Main Line Realtor accused of dumping animal carcasses on a neighbor's lawn after the neighbor and Straub put their homes up for sale at the same time, is suing CBS3 for defamation, emotional distress and more, saying the station broadcast "a preposterous and knowingly false story" about the incident.

Anchor Chris May, reporter Walt Hunter, news director Susan Schiller and account executive Kim Papay also are named as defendants.

Andrea Straub said she lost an annual income of about $500,000 from her job at Prudential, plus $16 million in listings, and was "effectively run out of town" after the story aired June 26. She also received "hate-filled" voice mails, email and letters, she said.

Straub's husband, Jonathan, was found guilty of harassment and disorderly conduct in relation to the incident and fined $25 in December in district court. Charges against Andrea Straub were dropped. The Straubs are separated.

"We believe our reporting was both accurate and responsible, and we will vigorously defend ourselves in this lawsuit," a rep from CBS3 told me yesterday.

According to the suit, filed last week in Philadelphia, house sitter Eric Welsch, who uses the Twitter handle "Gore God," gave the station a video that showed a "blurry, yet clearly male figure" vandalizing a "For Sale" sign and placing "animal corpses" on the property.

"Anyone who knows Ms. Straub is well aware of her fear of mice and rats, making these claims that she placed dead corpses on the neighbor's property all the more absurd," the suit states.

Straub is friends with CBS3 reporter Lesley Van Arsdall, the suit continues. After Hunter contacted Straub for comment, she reached out to Van Arsdall, who then watched the video and told the defendants that Straub was not in it and was not involved in the incident.

Are you following all this?

There's more.

After the story aired, Van Arsdall texted Straub about Papay: "The crazy blond chick in sales may have something to do with this."

Apparently, Papay and Straub had an "interaction" last April when Papay was "a potential buyer" of a home "where the Gore God was housesitting," the suit says, claiming Papay and Gore God wanted to "defame" Straub.

Straub's attorney, James E. Beasley Jr., did not return calls for comment.
And remember that KYW/CBS3 was the home of the Larry Mendte cybercrime where he installed a keylogger on his co-anchors computer.
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