It is starting. NCAA paid players having an effect.

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It is starting. NCAA paid players having an effect.

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It started with University Of Alabama-Birmingham dropping football. (Not the only reason they did)

The Associated Press

KENT, Ohio — Kent State University is undertaking a sweeping look at its athletics program that could include deciding whether any sports should be cut.

The university says it wants to see where the athletic department fits within the changing landscape of Division I sports.

With the "Student athletes" at the big football schools getting cost of living allowances on top of scholarships and hundred dollar handshakes, the small schools are going to sharpen their pencils and look to cut. NCAA says 7 sports for men and 7 for women to be in division 1. That will not be a problem for most schools. But which sports? Football and basketball for men are a given, maybe baseball and track. You can add soccer, swimming, and tennis. For women, basketball, volleyball, track, softball, swimming and tennis, and soccer. None of these sports produce any revenue except football and basketball. Only at the larger schools will even football or basketball produce a profit. Everything else requires money to be added from student fees, operating funds, fundraising or whatever. Some schools like WVU will have a very successful smaller program like their Marksmanship team that could stand alone. When the scholarship athletes from the lesser sports begin to covet the cost of living monies as an "equal right", we could certainly see the demise of all but the minimum of these lesser sports and they could be relegated to intramural status. At extremely small or poor schools wishing to remain D1, the sports other than the desired on could be chosen to be the ones that have the fewest participants, least uniform requirements, lowest medical costs, and no complicated game arrangements.
I see smaller D1 conferences re-aligning along easier geographical lines. Busses for the football team, Vans for everyone else.
I think none of this would apply to any school larger than maybe, The University of Louisville or so.
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