Marijuana pollen common airborne pollutant in the Southwest

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Marijuana pollen common airborne pollutant in the Southwest

Post by CoolBreeze » Wed Feb 28, 2007 8:44 am

Western Journal of Medicine

Allergic Skin Test Reactivity to Marijuana in the Southwest

In a general allergy consultation practice in Arizona and western New Mexico, 129 patients were tested for immediate hypersensitivity skin test reactivity to marijuana pollen and tobacco leaf, as well as to a battery of other antigens. In all, 90 patients were diagnosed as allergic (atopic) and, of these, 70 percent were found to be skin test reactive to marijuana pollen and 20 percent to tobacco leaf.

The incidence of skin test reactivity to marijuana was not significantly different for persons living at low, middle or high elevations throughout the Southwest. Marijuana sensitivity occurred in patients who were, in general, also sensitive to a variety of other airborne plant pollens. There was no close correlation, however, between sensitivity to marijuana pollen and sensitivity to pollens from elm, mulberry, hop and stinging nettle, which are botanically related to marijuana. The data suggest that marijuana pollen may be a relatively common airborne pollen pollutant in the Southwest, allergic persons being sensitized through inhalation.

If this is confirmed by further studies, then clinical investigation of marijuana hyposensitization (immunotherapy) may be warranted. This is in contrast to tobacco allergy for which simple avoidance is recommended.

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everybody face west and on the count of three, take a REALLY deep breath.!!!!

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