Thirty Years Ago April 4th

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Thirty Years Ago April 4th

Post by lastone » Tue Apr 03, 2007 8:40 pm

Over 15 inches of rain in a small area in 30 hours....$250,000,000 in damage.......4,700 homes lost....... This was the great 500 year Tug River Flood. From Ieager (pronounced Yeager) thru Matewan and Willaimson to Kermit, devistation. At Matewan , which had no floodwall, it rose to 49.5 feet (30 feet over flood stage). At Williamson, with a 3 foot floodwall downtown, it went to 52.56 feet (32 feet over flood stage). If you travel rt 52 to Williamson and rt 49 to Matewan, all those "green grassy patches" were homes in 77'.

On WSAZ 11PM news my parents heard; " The residence of Williamson are cold and wet tonight as they flee the rising Tug Fork River....." It would be three days before I would know how scared they were for me and my wife. If you want to know more visit the mysite. No, there's nothing for sale there, just a story
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Post by Hoosier Daddy » Tue Apr 03, 2007 9:01 pm

That is a wonderful article. You really ought to consider publishing it, especially if you can get photos of the flood, or of the station back in the day. An awesome contribution to the world of radio.

At the risk of sounding like an ass, I wonder how a small town would receive such notification today, especially with voice tracking and satellite radio used as programming providers. Outdoor sirens? NOAA weather radio? Hope that the EAS would work and that Charleston (or whoever) would push the right buttons to "take over" Williamson's audio?


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