metro news transponder frequency

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Tom Taggart
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metro news transponder frequency

Post by Tom Taggart »

Something de-sensing our dial global and premier receivers. But not Metro News (we have a flaky receiver, but that's a dying power supply issue).

Anybody now the transponder frequency for Metro news? I can probably find the other two. That might tell us what is getting into us--most likely either harmonic or mixing product from nearby cell tower or some of the local 800 mhz private band and government stuff.
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Re: metro news transponder frequency

Post by genlock »

I had a radar detector that ate up c-band stuff.
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Re: metro news transponder frequency

Post by Cameron »

Whatever G16 Xpndr 3 at 99°W translates to...I'm without my chart. Lyngsat has payloads...don't remember if they have C band up/ down freqs.

If memory serves, 5885 up and 3760-ish down.
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