Technical Analysis Of Cairo Riots

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Technical Analysis Of Cairo Riots

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City boys do not get a lot of rock throwing practice.
They tend to choose heavier rocks and stand too far away, back in the crowd, from their targets.
I say one old fool get clobbered in the back of the head as he demonstrated in the front layers of the crowd.
The incoming missile, a rock, came from behind him.
I realize it is hard to find suitable rocks in a modern city, but there needs to be some standards.
Tennis ball minimum, half-brick maximum. You are looking for kinetic energy and velocity squared will give it to you .
Protip: Don't pick up tear gas grenades and toss them back into your own people.
Pick your targets. The guy riding around on the armored vehicle shooting gas grenades is a fine target.
Riots like this are a real incentive to organize Little League and Babe Ruth league baseball in unstable countries.
Soccer skills are useless in a riot.
Do not wear bright clothes or otherwise stand out. The guys with the nightsticks will zero in on you.
"Everyone Should be aware that you're just a screen grab away from infamy."
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