Large market translators

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Large market translators

Post by AmpedNow »

Anyone noticing all these large markets getting these translators broadcasting from a centralized location? What's up with this?

Probably the most well known example is the one in Atlanta. "99X @ 97.9" is their HD-2 simulcast.

250 watts @ 995 ft.


Considering there are about 3 million people living within the purple circle, this amounts to a new radio station.

There are also new translators already on or coming on in NYC, Houston, L.A., and Baltimore. Many of them 99 watts for some reason.

Why is this happening and who is responsible?
Tom Taggart
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Re: Large market translators

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Artisians. Don't make them mad, it is their water.... :lol:

Translators, away from the Canadian and Mexican borders, have power/contour limits for a max of 250 watts, going down as the antenna goes higher. 99 watts would be the limit for an antenna about 150 feet above average terrain.

Translators can be used for AM stations, allowing better nighttime coverage for a lot of AM stations, and, truth be told, survival.

Translators are being used to rebroadcast HD-2 signals. Since there is no-one listening to HD-2 signals, this creates an audience for that programming, thereby justifying all the money the suits wasted (and are continuing to waste) on IBOC.
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