John Conrad (WTCS/WMQC/WPDX) Could Use A Little Help

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John Conrad (WTCS/WMQC/WPDX) Could Use A Little Help

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Thanks for taking a look at my little Fundraiser here! I'm Scott Reppert. Many of you may know me as a radio announcer, beginning in the late 70's. Some of you may know me as a pinball player or a baseball card dealer. But through all of the years having done all of those things, you know I like to help people as much as I possibly can. And that is why I am starting this GoFundMe campaign in order to acquire long time West Virginia radio personality John Conrad a reliable vehicle for transportation.

John has worked at many great North Central WV radio outlets (WRGT, WVVW, WTCS, WCLG, WFGM, WMQC, WPDX) and has hosted many popular broadcasts (including WPDX's "The Trading Post"). He currently is living off of his monthly Social Security benefits, even though he wants to work and has had job offers. Why is this problematic? JOHN HAS NOT HAD A FUNCTIONAL VEHICLE SINCE THIS TIME LAST YEAR!

There have been a couple of work opportunities, but John has not been able to investigate them. He also has not been able to actively go out to see what other jobs might be available (let alone go to the store, bank, post office or basically ANYWHERE).

So that is the purpose of this GoFundMe campaign: to acquire John Conrad a vehicle. Nothing elaborate, nothing grand...just a decent running car that will get him from point A to point B reliably. I plan to run the campaign until the end of March, unless the goal is met sooner. I set the goal at $6,000 because "the day of the reliable $3000 car" doesn't exist any more.

I stated earlier that "I like to help people as much as I possibly can". Having said that, I shall donate the first $300 towards John's car.

Two things have come to my mind as I type this:
1. If you have been entertained by John throughout his many years on the radio or know him personally, please consider a gift to this fund.
2. If YOU have ever had someone HELP YOU OUT in a time of dire need, return the favor by helping John out in his time of dire need.

Thanks again for looking in to this and please consider a gift. Thanks!
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