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Board upgrades

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I've spent the last few weeks doing some significant improvements to the board.
  • I've updated the PHPBB3 backend to the latest version. Unseen: More secure. Seen: Board response times should be better.
  • PHP and MySql versions also updated (see above)
  • *EMAIL HAS BEEN FIXED!* - If you had a previous account but you're locked out (and your email is accurate) you can now request a password reset through the system.
  • SSL security is now enabled on the board (URL now starts with https://, and your browser should show a LOCK icon next to it)
For those asking "but why, Lester..."
  • The board still pulls down ~10k visitors a month
  • We're still your best bet at anonymous posting/interaction (but please don't be an ass)
  • I think y'all are worth it
Thank you,
The "Management"
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